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Password protect individual pages in a public workspace#58

some pages might have sensitive data but most are OK for public viewing

3 years ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
2 years ago

If a user belongs to an internal group, they would have access to that page without a password. If someone is not in that group, they would need a password. This would be great.

2 years ago

More coloring on my use case:

  1. Although the page is in a public collection, it is restricted only to those who are on my team (Users?), so the public cannot see them.

  2. Although the page is in an internal, non public collection, my team of Users do not have access, but I give Guests access to just those pages. An example are Investor Updates: they should be under Finance, but not internally available, or Customer Specific pages, where we invite customers to look at pages that only concern them.

2 years ago

We’d love this too, use-case for us would be to have API reference documents, but some of the API endpoints are not available for public use so we’d want to only show them internally

8 months ago

I like something like this feature to have “private pages” while we have features that are not ready to go live yet, so we can work on them. Currently, if you have to make another doc change, then you have to publish everything (including any WIP).

6 months ago

Is the plan just to password protect pages? Or could it be applied to a section within a page?

4 months ago